Monday, January 9, 2017

Music in the Air

Every early Sunday morning, during the short drive from home to parish, I listen to the same radio program: "On Being" with Krista Tippett.  She brings on various guest to talk about and contemplate religion and spirituality.  Rarely, she may have a Christian guest.  Most are from all the other world religions, religions of their own creation, or people from the realm of science (which can itself be worshiped as a god.
This past Sunday, I listened to a fascinating discussion she was having with a acoustic ecologist - one who listens to, records, and studies the sounds of nature.  He stated a fascinating fact: one would think that our human hearing was most sensitive to the frequency range of human speech.

It isn't.

Our hearing is most sensitive to the frequency range of 4-5 kilohertz.  And what sounds happen to be in that range: bird song.

His hypothesis: human hearing has "evolved" to be most sensitive to the frequency of birdsong because where the birds are, resources for life may be found: food, shelter, etc.

My hypothesis: I would add to the good ecologist's hypothesis this: God created our hearing to be most sensitive in that range so that we might hear the beauty of their song.  Purely for our enjoyment. Purely to hear the goodness of our Creator.

You can hear the interview for yourself here.

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